Important Information for “Rally Aukštaitija 2021” Entries on Forbidden Road Zones!

Any driver, or co-driver, or any other team member who has entered or intends to enter the rally and who wishes to drive on any road which is or might be used as a Special Stage in the rally after publication of Supplementary Regulations, may only do so after he has obtained the written permission from the Organizer. This shall not apply when the person is known to live along the specific road. Failure to respect this rule shall result in driver being reported to the Stewards. Crew might be eliminated from competition.

Roads, available without Organizer‘s permission:

Monitoring of Special Stages by Organizer:

Patrol team of Organizer (members of SC “Akseleratorius”); photo and video capturing of violations;

15 movement sensitive cameras installed (provided and managed by Utena ir Zarasai distr. hunter clubs);

Patrol teams of all elderships – official representatives having a right to ask for documents and check them according to entry list and member list;